I met with Catherine because I was having trouble sleeping and wanted to come off my cholesterol busting medication. We had a REALLY intensive consultation, when she found out much more about my body and how it works than anyone else ever has, and then she prescribed a few supplements and gave me dietary advice.

The result is, that I am sleeping much better – 19 nights out of 20, I sleep like a baby – and I have been able to come off the statins because my cholesterol is now within the normal range. It was all really sensible advice and I really felt that she listened to me and treated me as an individual. Suffice to say, I am a big fan and highly recommend her!

Moyra Simpson, North London

I met with Catherine after having had a miscarriage and, prior to that, 18 months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. Whilst I generally eat well I realised there was more I could do to make positive changes to my lifestyle and to feel in control of a situation that was becoming emotionally draining. Catherine started by looking at my overall health and addressing some digestive problems I had been living with for years (under the misguided belief that all women have IBS symptoms - don't they?!) After about 6 weeks my digestion issues had vastly improved and 3 months later I was pregnant!

I am now in my 17th week and so far have had a very smooth pregnancy with absolutely no sickness and minimal tiredness. Feeling very positive for the next 6months and beyond! I am very grateful to Catherine and very much appreciated her practical, achievable approach to making nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Kate, Nunhead, London

I went to see Catherine after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for about 2 years. She helped me to understand what was going on in my body, and the ways in which what I consume and my general lifestyle affect how my body does or doesn't function. In particular she taught me how hormones levels are linked to diet and lifestyle. This holistic understanding made a lot of sense to me, and Catherine sent me for some very detailed tests which confirmed her diagnosis. 

I changed my eating habits considerably, and 3 months later I got pregnant, had a great pregnancy and now have a happy healthy baby girl.

Thank you Catherine!

Lucy, London

I spent 2 years having tests and seeing doctors, only to be told that I didn't have a medically recognised disease that could be treated with medicine. My gut/digestion wasn't functioning but there was nothing they could do, it was up to me to manage the symptoms. 2 hours with Catherine and I have a new diet and health plan and practical advice that actually works.

The symptoms are gone, I have lost 2 stone, and my quality of life is much better. I eat less because my body is digesting my food properly, and my confidence has returned. Thank you Catherine.

Matthew, Peckham Rye, London

My body was completely out of balance. I had severe pains, cramp and restlessness in my legs. I was addicted to sugar, my blood pressure and cholesterol were very high. I had to take antacids every night for indigestion, I slept badly, I was tired all the time and overweight. All these problems impacted on my social life and I found it difficult to exercise and even do my everyday chores. From the first consultation I felt empowered to change my lifestyle. Catherine’s passion and encouragement and the confidence she instilled in me inspired me to change my lifestyle and my eating habits. I was given an extensive nutritional plan which included supplements and recipes and sensible advice tailored to my needs.

Doctors do not have the time or the inclination to listen or to care holistically, Catherine listens and one feels cared, especially as a line of communication is always open. I have lost 8lbs quite quickly and have kept it off even over Christmas. I no longer crave sugar, I can now enjoy line dancing without pain, and the leg cramps and restlessness have all but disappeared.

I feel healthier physically and mentally and I am extremely grateful to Catherine for her advice and help which has without doubt, changed my life.

Marjorie Ferguson, Crouch End, London:

I hadn't been to a nutritionist before and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would she be very disapproving, and put me on a diet of mung beans and beetroot juice?

I was keen to get healthier,but I really wasn't into denying myself the pleasure of eating regular, delicious meals, even in the short term. I needn't have worried. Catherine is a total foodie. She plied me with ideas for virtuous gourmet experiences, along with her delightfully simple recipes. Catherine sparked a revolution in the way I cook, eat, and think about food. And I feel loads better: lighter, livelier, happier.

Tamsin Growney, London

There comes a time when you are forced to stop ignoring the signs your body is giving you. I was bloated, on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and generally feeling burnt out.  Some of my body’s functions were impaired by previous chemotherapy and I just didn’t feel ‘right’… I knew I had to take responsibility for my health in hand, and seek help outside of the GP’s surgery.
Catherine’s advice and support has been revolutionary, and I don’t say that lightly.  Not only has she given me advice on nutrition and supplementation, her unique, holistic approach has given me courage to address other areas of my life that were not necessarily at their optimum.  I now have a fuller understanding of what is going on in my body, of how stress impacts digestion, and an individual nutritional support plan.
I’ve noticed many differences: My daily seven strong cups of tea are now caffeine-free Rooibos; I delight in my weekly veg box delivery; I no longer crave sugar; I am building better eating habits for my son; I sleep better; I have more energy; I’m nurturing myself; I have lost weight… but most of all, I feel a real sense of optimism about my health, and that is invaluable and empowering.  I feel immensely supported by Catherine on this journey, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Kate Halls, Derbyshire

I met Catherine at a wellness retreat in Ibiza which offered a free consultation. In just 30 mins I thought her analysis of my symptoms were spot on and decided to book a 12 week course. 

I have completely changed my eating habits and feel so much better. I have more energy, lost half a stone without trying, and am really enjoying the food I am eating. 

If you are looking to improve your health and wellbeing I would recommend her 100%

Rob Cowan, CEO, London

I was recommend to see Catherine through two close, trusted friends who spoke extremely highly of her.

I had a form of eczema that seemed biologically inherited but had got worse over the years and whilst prescription creams seemed to work, I instinctively felt that there must be a better, inner solution.

From the first moment I felt I was in knowledgeable, kind hands. She guided me through a full program that ran the gauntlet from becoming gluten free, to stress tests, gut rebalance and a new diet. None of it felt difficult to adjust to and it has worked. 
Furthermore, Catherine was also very good (and patient) at hearing the more nuanced, emotional history that was entwined in the issue.

Given the necessary changing face of the world, it all feels timely as well. I’m very glad and grateful to have met her.

L.P. Hackney, London

Catherine helped me clear my skin, beat bloating and inspired many of the recipes in my latest cookbook, Masala and others I cook for my family at home. I have found her to be a very pleasant, sensible practitioner who takes great care in providing tailored nutritional advice. I have shared her method for water kefir a million times and am seasoned at brewing it at home too.

Mallika Basu, cookbook author and entrepeneur, London

I went to see Catherine suffering from feelings of extreme fatigue, anxiety and depression. feeling out of control and mentally in quite a dark place. Catherine really listened to the physical and mental health issues I was experiencing and addressed them holistically through changes to my diet and habits. Working with her has given me a much better understanding of my particular body and how it works, the overlap between mental and physical health and what I can do to support my health, which is an enormously empowering and valuable gift I will have for a lifetime. 

The improvements she has helped me make are life changing. I no longer rely on caffeine to wake up, no longer get ravenously hungry by mid morning and no longer slump mid afternoon, and the constant background anxiety and mood swings are less extreme and feel more manageable. She has set me on a path to mental and physical health I am very grateful to be on. I could not have imagined feeling so much better after just such a short period. Working with Catherine was a financial and time commitment I thought about carefully. I am extremely glad I made the commitment as the rewards are so significant, so immediate and so life long.

S.T. London

Catherine completely changed my approach to nutrition as well as lifestyle choices. I've been to several doctors and practitioners with the (many!) problems that I've been working with, to no avail. Catherine helped me start laying the foundations of new healthy patterns which are slowly but surely overriding the basis of many of these old issues. I feel much better generally, my energy levels are higher, I find myself much more connected with my body and am finally building an understanding of which foods and beverages work for it, and which ones really don't. I now also feel empowered to make other important changes in my life: I am about to move from the city to be closer to nature and am also embarking on a whole new portfolio career after eight years in a full-time job, feeling much happier as a result. I would not have been able to make these changes without the support and guidance I received from Catherine

Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett, London

A friend recommended Catherine because I’d been suffering from several health issues including fatigue, low mood and IBS for years thinking it was my normal state. I knew something had to change but didn’t quite know where to start. 

Catherine’s holistic approach appealed to me. It makes so much sense to treat a person as a whole (mind and body) and not just focus on a specific condition. I love food and would never be able to follow a restrictive calorie counting type diet. Catherine offered practical advice around a balanced diet and lifestyle changes and was able to explain the possible reasons why I was feeling the way I was.

After a couple of weeks of following Catherine’s dietry advice and taking some prescribed supplements, I started to feel like I was coming out of a fog. My head was clearer than it had been in years and my IBS symptoms had completely gone. 

Since my first appointment 8 months ago, I’ve lost 2.5 stone and my levels of energy are so much better. I still have some work to do but with Catherine’s help, I feel like I now have the tools that will help me on my journey. 

Ana Guerra, London

I have ME/CFS which invariably leaves me house bound and bed bound, in constant pain in my muscles and joints, brain fog, and debilitating fatigue. I’ve had this condition for over a decade, but two years ago I had a really bad relapse. I was very slowly coming out of this state, but had reached a plateau. The one major thing that I was totally struggling with was my nutrition. I ate what I considered a healthy diet, but I felt so ill all the time. I actually thought that Catherine might not want to take me on as I was a complicated case. 

After having had tests done on my gut and cortisol levels Catherine has tailored a diet, with supplements and lifestyle advice, for me to follow. She has been very patient with me as my concentration and energy levels fluctuate so much, and I find swallowing pills tricky. The great news is that I have improved so much, even after the first month. The brain fog is clearing and I’m now not constantly fighting just to be part of life. I have even managed to read a book for the first time in two years. My abdominal pains have greatly reduced, and I have less pain in my muscles and joints. 

I am now interested in food again, and am loving the diet plan that I’m on. If I get stuck I have the confidence in knowing that Catherine can and will help me out and keep me on my path. My weight has also been steady, which I was initially concerned about as I didn’t want to loose any weight. I am starting to feel more human again and very recently I even managed to do some drawing and painting. Something that was on my wish list for a very long time. 

I am very grateful to have met Catherine, and been taken on by her, and I feel very positive about the future now.

Jane Harris, London

This lady is magnificent! She got me eating many natural foods I would never have thought of, and recommended supplements to help restore good gut health. 
I have put back on 10kg after losing lots of weight. 
Check out her delicious recipe ideas also on her website. 
Thanks Catherine!!!

Daniel Bradshaw

I met with Catherine after being told by my doctor that I had started the menopause early at the age of 42. On top of other menopausal symptoms such as irregular periods,  I was having trouble with mood swings, anxiety and was generally not feeling great.  Catherine has been hugely helpful at re-ordering my diet to support my body's needs, as well as giving other lifestyle advice.  After only around 7 days of following her recommendations I was feeling much better.
Now three months on and it turns out that I am no longer menopausal, with normal oestrogen levels and no further symptoms.  My gut health has improved dramatically from giving up gluten and I suspect that the real source of my health problems was not an early menopause but the impact of a very nasty stomach bug I picked up in Morocco.  Re-working my diet has cleaned up my gut and meant that my body is now absorbing the nutrients from my much healthier food intake more efficiently.

I feel great, am sleeping really well and have lost weight.  Everyone comments on how well I look but most importantly,  I feel so much better than I ever did.

Thank you Catherine for helping me get to this point!

Heather Whyte, London

I heard about Catherine's incredible personal story and journey with nutrition from a mutual friend a few years ago at a time when I wanted to review my diet. 

Catherine's holistic approach meant a review of my lifestyle as well my diet, which showed up some home-truths about my stress levels and the impact on my health that I needed to address. Catherine was very supportive and non-judgmental and provided a holistic action plan and lots of nutrition and lifestyle inspiration. 

I have been seeing Catherine ever since and benefitted massively from her guidance and support.  

I really respect and value Catherine's perspective and knowledge about optimal health and nutrition. Her advice has also been incredibly helpful when navigating recommendations from health care professionals whose approach can sometimes be more focused on protocols than individual needs. 

Catherine's holistic approach meant a review of my lifestyle as well my diet, which showed up some home-truths about my stress levels and the impact on my health that I needed to address. She has helped me to address  a range of issues from stress and burn out to digestive complaints and vitamin deficiencies. Recently she has supported me through my first pregnancy, helping me to combat fatigue and anaemia and have a very healthy pregnancy.

I'm incredibly grateful for everything Catherine has supported me with over the last few years. I'm looking forward to working with her as I become a new mum to ensure I'm in the best health to meet the demands and delights of motherhood. 

Chrissie Dallas-Cowan, London